Privacy Policy
This privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to the information collected on (“Site”) and about the audio streams (“Streams”) by Joey’s Dance Radio (“JDR”, “we”, “us” or “our”). The policies below describe what information is collected and how that information is used. It is recommended that you read this document from beginning to end.
Types of information collected
JDR uses Google Analytics to help us analyze how you use this Site. The information collected by Google Analytics includes, but is not limited to the age and gender of the user, the geographical location of the user (including the city and state), the users interests, the technology used by the user to connect to the Site (including, but not limited to the Operating system and version, browser and version of browser, and type of device), the users Internet Service Provider (ISP), the users IP address, the pages the user visits, how long the user views the pages visited, the referring URL, and the search term(s) that brought the user to the Site. The information collected is sent to Google where it is stored. Google Analytics does not collect any personally identifiable information.Go to to learn how Google protects your information. Additionally, JDR collects and maintains log files of pages visited on the Site as well as the Streams which are accessed which includes, but is not limited to the time and date the user accessed the page(s) or the Stream(s), the users IP address, the URL of the page(s) the user accessed or the Stream(s), the User Agent (UA) of the browser/media player used to access the page(s) or the Stream(s) and the referring URL. Personally identifiable information collected (including your first name, last name and email address) is only used for contact purposes when you send us a message using the “Contact Us” form or if you submit a support ticket. All Personally Identifiable Information is submitted over a secure connection. JDR will not link any personally identifiable information you provide to us with anonymous information collected by Google Analytics.
How the information collected is used
All information collected with Google Analytics is used in accordance with Google Analytics Terms of Use.All information collected is used by JDR to help us improve the quality of the website and content and to help us to operate the Site and Streams. All information is used by JDR for the purposes outlined in this Policy and JDR does not sell or lease any information collected and, unless required to do so by a court order, will not share any information with any party. To learn more about how Google will use the information collected by Google Analytics visit How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.
Google Analytics uses “cookies” (tiny text files stored on your computer) to store information as does the Site. The Site will work just fine if you disable cookies although previous player settings (i.e. player window position, player volume, etc.) will not be saved.
Opt-out of Google Analytics
Google provides users a way to opt-out of Google Analytics. If you choose to opt-out it will not affect your use of the Site or the Streams. To opt-out from Google Analytics you can disable cookies in your browser or install the Google Analytics opt-out browser addon. Tot install the addon please visit The opt-out browser addon works in all major browsers.
Third Party Apps and Services
This site provides users easy ways to share and connect with us on social media as well as other users. These apps and services (i.e. facebook “like” button, twitter, and the chatbox) are not controlled by JDR and therefore has no control over information collected by them. If you wish to learn more about the information collected by third party apps and services please see the respective company’s privacy policy. Third party apps and services may use cookies and JDR has no control over any cookies used by third party company.