Coming August 31 2017! HOT JDR!
Posted by JC on 7/20/2017 @ 2:56 AM EDT

HOT JDR is coming August 31 2017! It will be online on August 31 2017 at 12 AM EST! Stay tuned for more updates!

The website will come later on after the station is launched.  For now HOT JDR will reside on Joey's Dance Radio.

Upgrade coming soon. System transfer.
Posted by JC on 7/20/2017 @ 1:06 AM EDT

We are transferring our system to a new system to improive performace of NRG Dance. This will stop buffering issues. It will also help with processor performance also. This will be coming in 1 to 2 weeks ahead. Please be informed that streams will be down during the transfer. No one will be able to connect to NRG Dance stream. Thanks for your understanding on this matter. Team JDR

Suggestion or comments welcomed.
Posted by JC on 7/19/2017 @ 11:50 PM EDT

We love to hear from our listeners. First though you must fill out the form with your reason for contacting us.  If you fill out the form and it is incomplete it will be deleted and denied. Please fill out all info that is required.  Tell us how we are doing. We love to hear from you. Please follow terms and service provided on our webpage. If you have a song and your an artist or are becoming one please submit your music to us in the correct format.  Hope to hear from everyone very soon.  DJ JC

System Update.
Posted by JC on 7/18/2017 @ 3:51 PM EDT

NRG Dance is installing an important update to resolve some issues.  Streams will continue after the update is finished.

Last day at TRF!
Posted by JC on 7/15/2017 @ 5:14 AM EDT

Catch us at the Three River's Festival here in Fort Wayne Indiana! We will be handing out cards! If your an artists that has music in the dance music genre come get contact info from us! Hope to see everyone there! 

Posted by JC on 7/13/2017 @ 2:49 AM EDT

There was an outage this morning at 1 AM EST that caused the streams to be offline. It seems to be working now. Expect more down and uptime from this outage. We are watching the systems. This was caused by our isp. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Team JDR

Posted by JC on 7/10/2017 @ 3:12 PM EDT

JDR is still adding songs to the JDR GCHU station everyday. We launched it with the intention to have it up to where NRG Dance is today. Stay tuned for more updates on JDR GCHU.


New song by Kesha
Posted by JC on 7/9/2017 @ 9:58 PM EDT

Don't miss the original version played tonight at 10:15 Pm EST. The original will introduce the song. The club mix will be play from here on out.

Catch us at the Three River's Festival (Fort Wayne)
Posted by JC on 7/9/2017 @ 9:21 PM EDT

Catch us at the Three River's Festival all week long. We are handing out cards involving people in the best internet radio station! We play what other radio station cannot! Me the DJ (DJ JC) will be down there handing out cards stop by to say hi or ask any question you want about the station. 

JDR welcomes May Fall
Posted by JC on 7/5/2017 @ 10:26 PM EDT

Joey's Dance Radio welcomes May Fall with his single Blind Zone!

You can hear it on Joey's Dance Radio Gay Club Hit Ultimate! Listen today! DJ JC

Happy 4th of July! From JDR
Posted by JC on 7/4/2017 @ 1:18 PM EDT

Happy 4th of July from all of us JDR.  Join us on this day to celebrate with family and friends and have a party with us here at JDR! Tune into NRG Dance station and party with us!  12PM to 12AM! 

System malfunction
Posted by JC on 6/29/2017 @ 2:34 AM EDT

There was a system malfunction with one of our servers. We are getting it back online. The streams have been down all this time for repair. Please stay tuned for streams to come back online.

Album art and bugs
Posted by Rick on 6/23/2017 @ 4:33 AM EDT

Just enabled now playing album art. There are a few bugs that I am currently trying to work out so if things get weird with album art, song titles or anything else I appologize in advance. This is only the beginning of lots of great things to come and I promise that all these issues will be well worth it.

Dead air issues
Posted by JC on 6/21/2017 @ 9:29 PM EDT

We been dealing with the broadcaster playing dead air. We hopefully this time have fixed it. Please let us know if it stops again. 

Incorrect Album Art
Posted by JC on 6/20/2017 @ 11:16 PM EDT

Some song display incorrect album art. I am aware of this problem and am working to correct it but it is a slow process as I have to chech each track individually and if necessary, locate the correct image which is not always easy. I appologize for this and will have is corrected as soon as I can.

Super Klub Saturday's
Posted by JC on 6/17/2017 @ 7:46 PM EDT

Tonight Super Klub Saturday's will kick off at 8pm EST! Join us for Romania Club Music.


Outage with ISP
Posted by JC on 6/17/2017 @ 3:10 PM EDT

There is another outage with our ISP. I am working to get this resolved. We will be switching ISP. I am tired of the down time all the time.

Posted by JC on 6/16/2017 @ 10:55 PM EDT

JDR is aware of the no play outage. It is also known as dead air. We are fixing this as we speak. DJ JC

I want to thank these artists.
Posted by JC on 6/16/2017 @ 5:02 AM EDT

I want to personally thank these wonderful artists for allowing JDR to play their music

1.BP Major

2.Kim Cameron

3. Jimmy De La Mar


Keep up the awesome work!  DJ JC

Outage with ISP
Posted by JC on 6/10/2017 @ 4:42 PM EDT

There is a ongoing outage with our ISP. We will update as soon as this is resolved.

Update 6-10-17 8:21 PM EST

Due to an ongoing outage with our ISP we have had to tempoarally shutdown the Hi-Def, 320 and 192 streams of NRG Dance and temporally reduce the 320 Gay Club Hits Ultimate to 128 in orger to stay on the air. Further reductions may be necessary if the problem gets any worse.

UPDATE: The outage is over. All streams have been restored. If you have any issues please submit a ticket.

System reboot
Posted by JC on 6/10/2017 @ 3:57 PM EDT

We have just rebooted all systems. Streams will resume in a couple of minutes.

UPDATE: JDR GCHU will resume after updates.

Posted by JC on 6/4/2017 @ 8:44 PM EDT

There is a outage we do not have a time of repair for it. Please stay tuned.


Due to significant bandwidth limitations due to an outage with our ISP we have shutdown the Hi-Def and 128 kbps streams until the outage has been fixed.

Update 2:

As of 3:46 PM EST on 6/8/2017 the outage with our ISP has been resolved and all streams are back online. 

128 Stream info.
Posted by JC on 6/4/2017 @ 8:03 PM EDT

Due to high bandwidth useage and issues we have to pause the 128kbps stream for now. This is temporary and will resume at a later date.

JDR Gay Club Hits Ultimate Upgrade
Posted by JC on 6/3/2017 @ 9:14 PM EDT

Tonight we are doing a upgrade on JDR Gay Club Hits Ultimate. Stream will be down until it is finished. Check back in a few hours.

UPDATE: The streams for the JDR Gay Club Hits Ultimate are back online.

Posted by JC on 6/2/2017 @ 11:12 PM EDT

We are aware of the outage with the streams. Will be fixed in 20 minutes.  Please reconnect after this time period.

UPDATE: Internet reboot in 5 minutes. Systems will be down for 5 minutes.

Posted by Rick on 5/29/2017 @ 11:04 PM EDT

We are going to be upgrading our systems which will result in some downtime of the streams. We will update this post when the upgrade is complete.

Posted by JC on 5/26/2017 @ 12:19 PM EDT

Friday - Monday May 26th - 29th  2017 all Memorial day weekend til 12am EST.  (Super Club Hits Event.)

July 4th 2017 ( 4th of July Celebration Club music with special club music.) all day even until 12am EST.

System reboot
Posted by JC on 5/13/2017 @ 3:21 AM EDT

We are rebooting the systems. Streams will return shortly. Team JDR

Power failure this morning.
Posted by JC on 4/21/2017 @ 11:14 AM EDT

The streams were offline cause of a power failure we were unaware of. The streams are now working again.


Kim Cameron's new songs. Hear them here first!
Posted by JC on 4/20/2017 @ 12:10 PM EDT

Kim Cameron just released some new songs! The two new ones we have are....... Kim Cameron_Beautiful Radio Edit, Kim Cameron Dancing In the Dark. Hear them first at Joey's Dance Radio!

Posted by Rick on 4/5/2017 @ 1:16 PM EDT

There is an outage with our internet provider that will affect ALL streams until 4:00 PM. Will update this post when new information is available. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for choosing JDR.

Team JDR

Update (6:15 PM):

The outage with out internet provider seems to be cleared. All streams are currently back up and working normally. Thank you for your patients.

System maintenance Tuesday April 11 at 10 pm EST.
Posted by JC on 4/4/2017 @ 1:46 PM EDT

The streams and systems will be offline for a few hours for updates.

In this time the streams will not work or broadcast. Team JDR

Scheduled maintenance 10am-12pm EST
Posted by JC on 3/29/2017 @ 8:34 AM EDT

The systems will be down for maintenance today between 10am-12pm EST.

The streams will not work. Please try connecting after the maintenance period. 

UPDATE: Maintenance completed. Al systems are back online.

No title updates on Gay Club Hits Ultimate
Posted by Rick on 3/16/2017 @ 7:29 AM EDT

Title updates are not working on Gay Club Hits Ultimate. I am aware of this issue and hope to solve it later this afternoon/evening. The stream however is up and working normally just title updates do not work. I regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Update (7:43 pm):

So the problem is fixed now I guess. Not sure what was going on but since I didn't find the problem before it magically started working again then it will probably happen again.

Gay Club Hits Ultimate is now Live!
Posted by JC on 3/13/2017 @ 11:35 PM EDT

The JDR Gay Club Hits Ultimate is now Live! Let us know what you think. We will be adding more music over time.

End of support for 64kbps stream.
Posted by JC on 3/13/2017 @ 8:28 PM EDT

We have ended support for the stream 64kbps. There is enough people have enough bandwidth  these days for support for the higher streams bitrates.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Team JDR

New Gay station is here!
Posted by JC on 3/13/2017 @ 8:18 PM EDT

JDR Gay Club Hits Ultimate is here! Will be live in 4 hours from now!

System updates 3-14-2017 @ 11 pm EST
Posted by JC on 3/13/2017 @ 8:17 PM EDT

There will be system updates on 3-14-2017 @ 11 pm EST. The servers will be offline. Will be online in one hour after updates are finished.

We reached 100 likes!
Posted by JC on 3/3/2017 @ 11:16 AM EST

JDR has reached 100 likes! Keep spreading the word of Joey's Dance Radio!

Super Klub Saturdays!
Posted by JC on 2/26/2017 @ 3:01 AM EST

JDR presents Super Klub Saturdays! Your total dance party session 8pm to 12 am EST!

JDR will be down today from 8am - 12pm EST
Posted by JC on 2/21/2017 @ 1:38 AM EST

JDR will be updating it internet line and fixing some errors that needed to be fixed for the last few months today. Please stay tuned for more updates on when the service will be up again after 8am EST. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

UPDATE: The services are down at this time.

UPDATE: JDR streams are all working now.

JDR systems back up and running
Posted by JC on 2/20/2017 @ 9:01 PM EST

JDR did a upgrade to it's bandwidth. All systems are running now.

365 Valentines Day Love songs
Posted by JC on 2/13/2017 @ 11:13 PM EST

Here at JDR we are celebrating Valentines Day and DJ JC One year Marriage with 365 Love songs. Tune in right here to listen. Will start  at 2:30 am EST.

HOT Super Saturdays!
Posted by JC on 2/11/2017 @ 10:18 PM EST

Super Saturdays are super hot this weekend. Hell yeah!

Join us every Saturday for hot hits!

Ne Single From Jimmy De La Mar
Posted by JC on 2/7/2017 @ 3:52 PM EST

The new single by Jimmy De la Mar No One Else. Hear it at Joey's Dance Radio!

Super Saturdays canceled this week.
Posted by JC on 2/4/2017 @ 6:24 PM EST

Due to health problems I will not be doing the Super Saturdays this week.

I will resume next Saturday February 11 2017 @ 8pm EST.


Outage alert
Posted by JC on 2/1/2017 @ 12:28 PM EST

There is a current outage going on. We have been working on this. This is a ongoing one cause of our internet provider. We are working hard to get this issue resolved once and for all!

Team JDR

System maintenance 2-2-2017 @ 12 am EST.
Posted by JC on 2/1/2017 @ 4:29 AM EST

We will be updating systems to support the HD audio format. All systems will be offline during this time. Please note streams will be offlin as well.

Team JDR

Discontinued operating systems
Posted by JC on 2/1/2017 @ 4:14 AM EST

JDR will not work on these operating systems

Windows 98,2000,Xp,Vista,Server 2008.

Please upgrade to Windows 7 or later.

Team JDR

Maintenance Sunday 12 am.
Posted by JC on 1/29/2017 @ 1:11 AM EST

We will be performing maintenance Sunday January 29 @ 12am EST.

During this time the streams will be down.

Posted by Rick on 1/20/2017 @ 4:04 AM EST

Due to a problem with our streaming server NRG Dance will be down until late tomorrow afternoon. We appreciate your patience during this time.

JDR new gay club station.
Posted by JC on 1/19/2017 @ 7:38 PM EST

We promised since August a new Gay Station. Now it is almost ready to launch. We are putting the final touches on it as we speak.  The name will be put in an update in this post.

UPDATE: Taking longer than expected to launch. We will have it ready soon. Please stay tuned for more updates on it.

UPDATE: I am working really hard on the gay station. Due to health issues it has put me at least 4 months behind already. I am working as we speak on it. I will release it very soon I promise.

Streams going down @ 8 PM Eastern
Posted by Rick on 1/18/2017 @ 7:43 PM EST

Should be back up in a few hours after the rebuild of the server. As always we appreciate your patience during this time.

Down time for JDR
Posted by JC on 1/18/2017 @ 5:43 AM EST

JDR will be down for several hours today. We are reinstalling the systems. This will take all streams offline.

We will post when it is back up and running.

JDR will be down today from 2 to 4 PM EST.
Posted by JC on 1/10/2017 @ 1:49 PM EST

JDR will be down today from 2 to 4 PM EST. Due to upgrades.

JDR will be down from 2- 4 PM EST today!
Posted by JC on 1/5/2017 @ 12:13 PM EST

The problem with internet and the streams is being upgraded today and fixed. JDR in this time will be down.

UPDATE:Systems are now coming online.


Congrats to BP Major!
Posted by JC on 1/2/2017 @ 10:06 PM EST

Congrats to BP Major for getting voted Number one on our JDR Top 100 CHCD!

Keep up the awesome work BP!

JDR will replay the JDR Top 100 Club Hiots Count Down!
Posted by JC on 1/1/2017 @ 8:08 PM EST

Live now is the JDR T100 CHCD! Tune in!

JDR Top 100 Club Hits Count Down @ 3PM EST!
Posted by JC on 12/31/2016 @ 12:34 AM EST

Today at 3PM EST will be the JDR Top 100 Club Hits Count Down!

Join us for the hottest tunes! See who you voted for and if they make it to number one!

Posted by JC on 12/28/2016 @ 5:51 PM EST

JDR is having a outage at this point in time. We are working to resolve it as quick as we can.

UPDATE: The outage seems to be with our internet provider. This will be resolved as soon as we find out what is going on with them.

UPDATE: JDR will be down between 2 to 4 PM EST today. 

The services for JDR will be fully restored in 7-10 days from now. It needs a rewire of the internet. For now the streams are working. Keep our fingers crossed that it will keep working.

JDR After Hours is back!
Posted by JC on 12/14/2016 @ 3:58 PM EST

We made adult after hours from 12AM to 6AM EST. This means at this time adult music will be played.

If you have any questions for us please email us. 

Power outage
Posted by JC on 11/21/2016 @ 5:45 PM EST

JDR had a power outage. All systems are back up and running now.

10th Annual Top 100 Club Hits Count Down!
Posted by JC on 11/18/2016 @ 6:38 PM EST

This year will be the 10th annual count down! Join us to see hit number one on the club music top 100.

JDR Top 100 Club Hits Countdown December 31 2016.
Posted by JC on 11/14/2016 @ 11:54 PM EST

JDR Top 100 Club Hits Countdown December 31 2016! Join us! See how makes it to number one this year! DJ JC

Joey's Dance Radio is moving!
Posted by JC on 11/3/2016 @ 5:45 PM EDT

Joey's Dance Radio is moving. Streams are being moved over to a new server. Give us time to get things together. This move result in streams being down. I want to thank our loyal listeners for this transistion. DJ JC

JDR down time
Posted by JC on 11/1/2016 @ 5:29 PM EDT

JDR will be down for about 15 minutes while we install a upgrade for more speed. DJ JC

Down time today at 2 PM EST.
Posted by JC on 10/31/2016 @ 12:39 PM EDT

JDR will be down today for a few hours. It will start 2 PM today. Please stayed tuned and keep checking to see if station will be back up. We will also post after we get it back up and running again. DJ JC

UPDATE:Systems are back online. DJ JC

No metadata on
Posted by Rick on 10/23/2016 @ 6:24 AM EDT

A software issue has caused an outage of metadata on the website. I am aware of the problem and I am working on a fix. I hope to have it restored later today. In the meantime listening on your favorite media player or through will display metadata. I regret any inconvenience this may cause you.


System Reboot
Posted by JC on 10/15/2016 @ 3:24 PM EDT

We are rebooting the systems. JDR will be back in 5 to 10 minutes. stay tuned!

Who you want to be the number one song for this year? Vote!
Posted by JC on 9/25/2016 @ 6:27 PM EDT

Vote and see if your song makes it!


I want to send special thanks to these people!
Posted by JC on 9/17/2016 @ 3:39 PM EDT

I want to thank BP Major and Jimmy De Lamar for letting us play your music! Welcome to the JDR family! :)


JDR is down for Emergency Maintenance.
Posted by JC on 9/16/2016 @ 6:22 PM EDT

JDR is going to be down until we fix issues that is causing some problems for JDR. It will be back as soon as we fix them.

Team JDR

JDR is updaing it's system.
Posted by JC on 9/16/2016 @ 3:47 PM EDT

JDR is doing updates and will return as soon as possible.

Team JDR

Owler Assitance (PLEASE READ)
Posted by JC on 9/8/2016 @ 9:55 PM EDT

If has created a profile of your company and has added your logo or other images which you own and refuses to remove them and you would like to know how to force owler to remove them contact Rick or JC and we can advise you how to have the images removed. It happened to us and we would be happy to help others. We can't help you get the profile removed, but at least you won't have to allow them to use your logo and images without your consent.

Team JDR

Club Music Week on JDR!
Posted by JC on 9/3/2016 @ 1:38 AM EDT

From this Friday to Next Friday will be Club Music Week. Join us for the best Club music On JDR! September 2nd to the 9th only on JDR.

Play It Loud!
Posted by JC on 9/3/2016 @ 1:02 AM EDT

Play Joey's Dance Radio the way it supposed to be LOUD!!!!!!!!


JDR system reboot.
Posted by JC on 9/2/2016 @ 2:27 PM EDT

JDR is rebooting its systems for a update. Will return in 5 minutes. DJ JC


JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded coming soon.
Posted by JC on 8/28/2016 @ 9:17 PM EDT

JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded is in beta testing on our serves as we speak. Will be launched soon, :)

The final name will be shorter:).



Posted by JC on 8/21/2016 @ 4:56 PM EDT

There was a outage we were unaware of. We have fixed the issue.

We are sorry for any issues this may have caused you.

Team JDR

2 hour downtime this afternoon.
Posted by JC on 8/10/2016 @ 3:19 PM EDT

Joey's Dance Radio will have a 2 hour downtime this afternoon. Should be back up around 5:30 pm EST today.

Thanks for your understanding.

Team JDR

UPDATE: All systems have been restored.


Team JDR


System reboot.
Posted by JC on 8/7/2016 @ 7:23 PM EDT

We just rebooted our systems. JDR will be back up in about 5 minutes.

Mobile website coming.
Posted by JC on 7/11/2016 @ 11:40 AM EDT

Joey's Dance Radio mobile website is coming. We are working on a mobile website for people to visit us on devices.  DJ JC

JDR hot mixes.
Posted by JC on 7/7/2016 @ 7:49 PM EDT

The new event everyday at 5 to 6 PM EST. Hot Mixes will be broadcasted everyday with hot new and older mixes. This will be everyday 7 days a week.

Happy 4th of July from all of us here at JDR.
Posted by JC on 7/4/2016 @ 10:01 AM EDT

Happy 4th of July from all of us here at Joey's Dance Radio! Have a safe one.

4th of July weekend party on JDR @ 8 PM EST. Tonight.
Posted by JC on 7/2/2016 @ 7:30 PM EDT

Join us for the 4th of July weekend party. Starts at 8 PM EST.  DJ JC

JDR should return later today
Posted by Rick on 6/28/2016 @ 9:30 AM EDT

Had some issues with the system maintenance and the system refresh is taking longer than expected. The music should return later this afternoon or evening. We appreciate your patience and thanks for listening to Joey's Dance Radio.

Scheduled system maintenance
Posted by Joey on 6/27/2016 @ 8:47 AM EDT

Today we will be taking down Joey's Dance Radio station to perform system maintenance .

The systems will be down fo a few hours. DJ JC

UPDATE: We are half way done with the system maintenance. We will put systems back online when updates are finished. DJ JC

Now testing Text your request.
Posted by Joey on 6/23/2016 @ 3:04 PM EDT

You can now text me your request @ 260-407-8296. Line is only good for texting.  Terms do apply. 

Try it now text your  Club, Dance, or high energy dance music to me today! DJ JC

Mobile streaming now online.
Posted by Joey on 6/21/2016 @ 2:11 AM EDT

We have created a 64kbps streaming for mobile devices. All streams are mobile compatible but uses alot of data. 64kbps will lower that useage.  DJ JC

Make Joey's Dance Radio your #1 station.
Posted by Joey on 6/12/2016 @ 3:41 AM EDT

JDR is more about our listeners than playing

what popular all the time. We believe in variety.

We play dance mixes from the 70's,80's,90's,00's and todays popular hits. Tune in and dance your ass off!

Posted by Joey on 6/7/2016 @ 3:53 AM EDT

The station is going to be down while our host switches servers. this will be down for 30 minutes.

Please note you will not be able to connect to the streams.

Posted by Joey on 5/25/2016 @ 7:53 PM EDT

There is a outage going on with JDR at this moment. We are working to see what the issue is.

We will update when problem is resolved.

UPDATE:The outage has been resolved.

JDR upgrades to be finished by May 17th.
Posted by Joey on 5/16/2016 @ 8:22 AM EDT

It's been a long ride for us here at the JDR station. But we see speed and performance ahead of us.  The upgrade will be finished on May17th. The time it will come back online is 12 AM EST. Please continue to follow the updates.


UPDATE: The systems are back up and running. They are fast and connection seems quick when tested on my mobile phone.  Still have to adjust settings tonight after midnight. If you have issues please report them.


JDR Scheduled Maintenance
Posted by Joey on 5/13/2016 @ 8:44 PM EDT

JDR will be down tonight for over 8 hours. We are updating our servers.

We will have another system going for you to tune in to.

The Maintenance will start at 9 PM EST.

Please connect through the other streams for Joey's Dance Radio.

Please use 320 kbps


UPDATE: The upgrade will be completed by tomorrow evening. For JDR listeners I want  to thank you for  being patient with us. When this upgrade is done things will be alot faster.  DJ JC

JDR was down due t power outage.
Posted by Joey on 5/13/2016 @ 5:40 AM EDT

JDR was down for a minutes due to a power outage.


Good news on JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded.
Posted by Joey on 5/13/2016 @ 5:22 AM EDT

Good news on JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded will be launching very soon.

Please stay tuned for updates on JDR website.


Special Edition of Slow Sundays May 1 2016 @ 3pm EST
Posted by Joey on 4/29/2016 @ 3:38 PM EDT

JDR is doing a special edition of Slow Sundays On May 1 2016 @ 3pm EST.

Connection issues.
Posted by Joey on 4/28/2016 @ 2:03 PM EDT

We have been seeing connection issues. We are correcting this today. Please create a ticket if you cannot connect to our streams.

JDR will be performing maintenance
Posted by Joey on 4/23/2016 @ 3:56 PM EDT

JDR will be offline during the maintenance period tonight at 9 PM EST.

The streams will not play. We will have it finished  in a couple hours after 9 PM EST. 


R.I.P. Prince
Posted by Joey on 4/22/2016 @ 10:33 PM EDT

I liked his song purple rain. R.I.P. Prince.

Happy Easter from JDR
Posted by Joey on 3/27/2016 @ 6:54 PM EDT

Happy Easter from all here at JDR.

Service Interruptions Tonight
Posted by Rick on 3/7/2016 @ 6:29 PM EST

Our hosting provider will be performing maintenance on their network tonight between 10:00PM - 2:00AM tonight. During this window there may be brief interruptions in streams and website accessibility. If this occurs please wait a few minutes and try to reconnect. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for choosing Joey's Dance Radio.

Team JDR

JDR is offline for maintenance.
Posted by Joey on 3/7/2016 @ 1:20 PM EST

JDR is down for maintenance. Will return shortly. In this time you will not be able to connect to the servers.


Slow Sunday's Finale. 2/21/2016
Posted by Joey on 2/20/2016 @ 7:01 PM EST

This Sunday will be the finale of Slow Sunday's join us here.

A new program will be coming soon.

Just Married!
Posted by Rick on 2/16/2016 @ 1:49 PM EST

Just got married to DJ JC. I'm so happy.

Joey's Dance Radio is down due to system updates.
Posted by Joey on 2/16/2016 @ 1:35 AM EST

Joey's Dance Radio will return after the system is updated.

We aplolgize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Team JDR

DJ JC is getting married Tuesday!
Posted by Joey on 2/14/2016 @ 3:02 PM EST

I will be getting married Tuesday. I will be off 2 weeks. I will be gone February 16-29.

If you need help send me a message I will respond.

See everyone on the 29th.


Happy Valentine's Day To all JDR listeners!
Posted by Joey on 2/14/2016 @ 3:00 PM EST

Slow Sunday's this week is love songs. Hope everyone likes it.


Song Titles Not Working
Posted by Rick on 1/28/2016 @ 1:54 PM EST

The song titles are not working. This is a known issue that should be resolved later today. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Slow Sunday's delay due to server error.
Posted by Joey on 1/24/2016 @ 5:48 PM EST

We will launch it again today at 6:30 PM EST.

Thanks for your understanding.

Team JDR

Slow Sunday's today @ 3PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 1/17/2016 @ 12:20 PM EST

Join us for slow Sunday's today @ 3PM EST. Only on Joey's Dance Radio NRG Dance!

Slow Sunday's Tonight @ 7PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 1/10/2016 @ 6:23 PM EST

Slow Sundays return tonight @ 7PM EST. join us for your favorite songs.

Happy New Year!
Posted by Rick on 1/1/2016 @ 12:18 AM EST

All of us at Joey's Dance Radio would like to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016! 


2015 New Year's Eve Top 100 Countdown Track List
Posted by Rick on 1/1/2016 @ 12:05 AM EST

One of our avid listeners requested that we post the Top 100 track list so here ya go Ed. If you missed the countdown tonight or would like to here it again be sure to tune in tomorrow around 12:00 PM and we'll count 'em down again.

2015 New Years Eve Top 100 Countdown Track List:

100. A great big world Say Something
99. Ace Wilder Stupid
98. ariana Grande Problem
97. Breanna Rubio More Than A Feeling
96. Celine Dion Loved Me Back To Life
95. cold play a sky full of stars
94. Clean Bandit Real Love
93. Alexandra Stan - Cherry Pop
92. Cher & Lady GaGa - The Greatest Thing
91. Baby Alice - Pina Colada Boy
90. Bella Thorne - Call It Whatever
89. Idina Menzel - Let It Go
88. Emeli Sande-Next to Me
87. Ferreck Dawn (feat Redondo) - Love Too Deep
86. Ella Henderson - Ghost
85. Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
84. American Authors - Go Big Or Go Home
83. Atellagali (feat Amanda Renee) - Close To Your Love
82. Bastille - Bad Blood (Dave Aude Radio Edit)
81. Five Knives - Sugar (StoneBridge Block Party Radio
80. Years and Years - King (Gryffin Remix)
79. Seven Lions (feat Lynn Gunn) - Lose Myself (Gazzo Remix)
78. Maroon 5 - Maps (Cutmore Club Mix)
77. Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Rainer & Grimm Official Radio Edit)
76. Nicky Jam (feat Enrique Iglesias) - Foregivness (DJ Buddha Soca Mix)
75. Robin Thicke (feat T.I & Pharrell) - Blurred Lines (JRMX Club Mix)
74. Paramore - Still Into You (Riddler Radio Edit)
73. Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin (Paul Byrne Remix)
72. Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms (Danny Dove Remix)
71. Tara - Missing You
70. Janet Jackson - No Sleep (Craig Vanity VS Las Salinas)
69. Katy Perry - Unconditionally (Tracy Young Mixshow Edit)
68. Iggy Azalea (feat Jennifer Hudson) - Trouble (Kat Krazy Radio Edit)
67. Hilary Duff - Sparks (Craig Vanity VS Venom One)
66. Justin Bieber - Sorry (Shahaf Moran Remix)
65. Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand (Wifi Remix)
64. Hozier - Take Me To Church (Dirty Pop Deconstruction)
63. Olly Murs - Beautiful To Me (JRMX Radio Edit)
62. Sia -Chandelier (Liam Keegan Mixshow)
61. Little Mix - Love Me Like You (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
60. Mariah Carey - Infinity (Jasmin's Club Mix)
59. Jimmy De La Mar- The Night Time
58. Nate Ruess - Nothing Without Love (Discotech Remix)
57. MAGIC! - Rude (Shahaf Moran Remix)
56. Neon Trees - Sleeping With a Friend (Kat Krazy Radio Edit)
55. Taylor Swift - Welcome To New York (Big Kid Tribal Reconstruction)
54. Sara Bareilles - Brave (Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg Mix)
53. Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit)
52. Paris Hilton - High Off My Love (Tracy Young Mixshow)
51. Lost Frequencies (feat Janieck Devy) - Reality (Death Ray Shake Club Mix)
50. Lucas Nord (feat Tove Lo)- Run On Love (Tony Moran & Deep Influence Remix)
49. RAC (feat Matthew Koma) - Cheap Sunglasses (Dave Aude Remix)
48. Florrie - Too Young To Remember (Rich B & Phil Marriott Radio Edit)
47. Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean (MARC Remix)
46. Katy Tiz - Whistle (While You Work It) (Morlando Radio Mix)
45. Korr-A - Fuck Me Like You Mean It (Razor N Guido Club X)
44. Giorgio Moroder (feat Britney Spears) - Tom's Diner (Leu Remix)
43. Liza Fox - Dynamite (Westfunk Club Mix)
42. Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me (Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg Mix)
41. JoJo - When Love Hurts (DJ Laszlo Radio Edit)
40. Jessica Sutta (feat Rico Love) - Let It Be Love (Razor N Guido Mixshow)
39. Shayne Ward - The Way You Were (Love To Infinity Club Mix)
38. Owl City (feat Aloe Blacc) - Verge (Tom Swoon Remix)
37. Rob Thomas - Trust You (Bottai Remix)
36. Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You (ADIG Alternate Extended Mix)
35. Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Mike Delinquent Radio Edit)
34. Fergie - L.A.Love (La La) (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
33. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Downtown (Craig Vanity VS Stage Rockers & Clyde P)
32. Cher - I Hope You Find It (Funk Generation H3DRush Club Mix)
31. Tamia - Love Falls Over Me (James Anthony's House Vocal Club Mix)
30. Adele-Someone Like You -(Legendado  Remix)
29. Dami Im - Gladiator (7th Heaven Pop Dance Radio Mix)
28. Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Funk D Remix)
27. Alesso (feat Tove Lo) - Heroes (Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg Mix)
26. Wisin FT. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin - Adrenalina [Remix Extended]
25. Aline Queen- Princess Boy (The Amanda Lepore Radio Mix)
24. Sia - Fire Meet Gasoline (UTUTUT Remix)
23. Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams (Cosmic Dawn Extended Mix)
22. Little Mix - Black Magic (Cahill Club Mix)
21. Elena Gheorghe - Your Captain Tonight (Extended Mix)
20. Fantine - Reservation For Two (Razor N Guido Radio Edit)
19. Audien (feat Lady Antebellum) - Something Better (Alyson Calagna Vocal Club Remix)
18. ZZ Ward - Last Love Song (Dave Aude Club Remix)
17. Ricky Martin (feat Pitbull) - Mr Put It Down (Riddler Remix)
16. HomeTown - Where I Belong (Steve Smart Edit)
15. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Cosmic Radio Edit)
14. John Legend-All Of Me (Cosmic Dawn Remix Edit)
13. Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Martin Haber Radio Mix)
12. Charlie Puth (feat Meghan Trainor) - Marvin Gaye (Cahill Radio Edit)
11. Jess Glynne - Take Me Home (Tiesto Remix)
10. Justin Morelli-Ain't Easy (Razor N Guido Vocal Mix)
9. Andy Grammer - Honey I'm Good (The Dj Mike D Remix)
7. Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband  (Johny M  Remix)
6. Audien (feat Parson James) - Insomnia (Starkillers Vocal Remix)
5. Aggro Santos - Red Lips (Love To Infinity Radio Edit)
4. BP Major - Electronic Lover
3. Andres Cuervo - The Cure (Cutmore Radio Mix)
2. Steve Aoki (feat Linkin Park) - Darker Than Blood (Josh Macias Remix)
1. Adele - Hello (Dark Intensity Remix)

Happy New Year! JDR New Year's Eve Top 100 Countdown
Posted by Joey on 12/31/2015 @ 7:14 AM EST
Posted by Rick on 12/28/2015 @ 5:07 PM EST

Due to a power outage at our broadcast location Joey's Dance Radio is temporarily unavailable. There is currently no ETA for restoration. We will update this post when further information is available. 

Merry Christmas
Posted by Rick on 12/25/2015 @ 2:54 AM EST

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Joey's Dance Radio.

I am getting married!
Posted by Joey on 12/24/2015 @ 2:40 AM EST

I am getting married in late January. Nothing will change I will still be the DJ of this station. I am marrying the admin of the site. He is a great man. Wish me luck.:)

Want to hear a song? Tweet us.
Posted by Joey on 12/5/2015 @ 4:10 AM EST

Use the twitter box to tweet your requests to us. 

System reboot.
Posted by Joey on 12/5/2015 @ 3:54 AM EST

We did a system reboot at 3:53 AM EST. Please try reconnecting.

Internet explorer 8 issues.
Posted by Joey on 11/19/2015 @ 5:59 PM EST

I want to update everyone in a change that was made to the site a while ago. We discontinued  support for internet explorer 8. The site might not work in this browser. Please use Internet explorer 9 and above. Should work ok in edge in windows 10 also.

There is a outage.
Posted by Joey on 11/17/2015 @ 11:24 AM EST

Our internet is out. We do not have a time they will have it fixed. Please check back for updates.

No updates at this time when this outage will be repaired.

(UPDATE) All systems are back online now.

Want to submit your music to us? Conact us.
Posted by Joey on 10/25/2015 @ 7:27 PM EDT

If you are just starting out or just want to get your music out there please feel free to email us.

We do genre dance/remix/club at this time. HOTJDR will be able to open up more genres.

The stations we have coming are JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded, HOTJDR.  Please stay tuned for these release dates.

Welcoming Ryan Stevenson to JDR!
Posted by Joey on 9/29/2015 @ 4:51 AM EDT

JDR would like to welcome Ryan Stevenson to our station with his new album, "Better Late Than Never". We also would like to thank BP Major for his song "Calling All Recruits" and Jimmy DeLaMar for his awesome music.

Artists like these are what makes Joey's Dance Radio the awesome, kick ass station it is. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!


Vacation time. October1 to October 21.
Posted by Joey on 9/29/2015 @ 4:43 AM EDT

I will be going on Vacation from October 1 to October 21. I will still do my playlists and all my events.  I just will not be live. If you need support please let my administrator know.  Hope to see my listeners when I get back. D.J. JC

Slow Sunday's today at 3PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 9/27/2015 @ 7:20 AM EDT

Join us this afternoon for the NRG Dance slow Sunday's show. Show your support by connecting and leaving us comments on twitter.  

JDR is down for maintenance.
Posted by Joey on 9/21/2015 @ 4:28 AM EDT

JDR will be down for a few minutes tonight. We are working on a hard drive to clean files out.

(UPDATE) Systems will be back on line after 30 minutes. We are working hard as we can to get them back on line for our listeners.

No Bullshit R Us at Joey's Dance Radio.
Posted by Joey on 9/14/2015 @ 12:16 AM EDT

When it comes to some business they are good at being dishonest like some I know to get you to come in and spend your hard earned money on crap. We at Joey's Dance Radio have a no BULLSHIT policy. We are honest and loyal to our listeners. So you other business need to take a page from us quit screwing your customers over and be honest. When we do enhancements we tell people about it. We do not hide it. We at Joey's Dance radio work for you our listeners! The good thing about us is we are free and we still up front about the things we do.

JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded coming soon.
Posted by Joey on 9/13/2015 @ 7:29 PM EDT

JDR Gay Club Hits Reloaded coming soon to JDR. We will update you on release dates and stuff when it comes that time to release it. D.J. JC

Your station our goal.
Posted by Joey on 9/11/2015 @ 11:56 PM EDT

I want to thank everyone that has joined JDR first off. I want to thank my listener base and their loyalty to the station.Our goal is to get people in to enjoy a free internet based station that only plays what other stations cannot and will not. Let work together on making this station the best that it can be. Without you there is no Joey's Dance Radio. So thanks again to my people that listen.  D.J. JC

Slow Sunday's Return this Sunday @ 3PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 9/11/2015 @ 10:01 PM EDT

The Slow Sunday's Event returns this Sunday at 3PM EST. Join us for your favorite original tunes.

Click here to listen

Slow Sunday's Canceled this week.
Posted by Joey on 9/6/2015 @ 8:56 PM EDT

The slow Sunday's was canceled this week cause of a special event of JDR Labor day weekend event. Will return next Sunday @ 5PM EST. Thanks for your understanding on this matter.

Posted by Joey on 9/5/2015 @ 1:26 PM EDT

Labor Day weekend party 2 days of your favorite dance tunes. Tune in by clicking the panel to the right where it says Listen live or use this link here>>>>>>>

Maintenance Outage
Posted by Rick on 9/2/2015 @ 10:30 PM EDT

Our hosting provider will be performing maintenance between 1:00 AM and 8:00 AM on 9/8/15. Downtime is expected to be between 2 - 5 minutes and may occur at anytime during the maintenance window. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Team JDR

JDR System Maintenance tonight @ 12AM EST.
Posted by Joey on 8/31/2015 @ 11:53 PM EDT

The systems will be down for a short period of time for updates and system cleaning. Should return about 12:30 EST. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you.


UPDATE: The systems are back up and running. Team JDR

Slow Sunday's Every Sunday @ 5PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 8/27/2015 @ 2:52 PM EDT

Slow Sunday's every Sunday @ 5PM EST. Join us every Sunday!

DJ Top 5 today @ 4:30 PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 8/25/2015 @ 4:12 PM EDT

Today at 4:30 PM EST. There will be 5 songs played see who will be played and the ones I picked for today.


Posted by Rick on 8/21/2015 @ 12:17 PM EDT

We are experieancing an outage due to our ISP. currently  there is no ETA for repair. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and will update this post as soon as more information is available.

Team JDR

If you are having connection issues please contact us.
Posted by Joey on 8/5/2015 @ 10:10 PM EDT

Please contact us here if you are having connection issues.

If the stream does not connect. Please submit a support ticket to us.

Service Outage
Posted by Rick on 7/22/2015 @ 10:30 PM EDT

All JDR streams will be offline while we update our music database. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and expect this process will only take a few hours. Thanks for choosing JDR for your dance music source.

Team JDR

(UPDATE) The update to the database is much bigger than we thought. We will put JDR back on line for now and will put the updated stuff in there then. We will work while JDR is running.

System updates.
Posted by Joey on 7/17/2015 @ 11:50 PM EDT
The systems are in a middle of a reboot for a security update to the system will resume shortly.
Broadcasting on all devices.
Posted by Joey on 7/11/2015 @ 11:10 PM EDT
Here at JDR believes in freedom to stream when ever , where ever. So with this you can use Xiia from the android store for free. Search JDR in shout cast directory. Xiia is also in the apple store also for free! If you have any issues or question please contact us we are here for our listeners. We also support other devices such as windows, black berry. You can also visit this website and click on the stream bit rate you want to connect at. Please note higher the stream bit rate more data it uses. If you have the T-Mobile unlimited data plan with no caps it is unlimited to stream. The plans that support unlimited with no caps are listed below. T-Mobile - 80 Unlimited No Caps. Metropcs - 60 Unlimited No Caps. If you use verizon, Att or any others that give limited amounts of data please use the 64kbps stream for less use of data. Our streams are 24/7 and We do updates to our systems and may result in some down time from time to time. If you have any questions please contact us. D.J. JC
4th Of July BOOM! Party. 6 AM This morning.
Posted by Joey on 7/4/2015 @ 12:38 AM EDT
Starting on the 4th of July there will be a playlist of your favorite songs played on Hit JDR. Join us. Party starts at 6 AM.
Equality For ALL!
Posted by Rick on 6/26/2015 @ 7:50 PM EDT
Many thanks to the SCOTUS and Justice Anthony Kennedy, as well as to all those who have fought for equality. Today you have proven to the world that #LoveWins.

Team JDR

System reboot this morning.
Posted by Joey on 6/26/2015 @ 9:21 AM EDT
The systems will go down for about 3 to 4 minutes while we reboot our systems this morning. Please excuse this down time.
Bugs and glitches and outages...OH MY!
Posted by Rick on 6/11/2015 @ 1:43 AM EDT
Another outage is currently plaguing JDR. There is currently only one stream up on a backup server. ETA is unknown at this time. Will update this post as soon as we have a better handle on the situation with our server. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Team JDR

UPDATE 6/12/15 2:03 AM:
All streams should up in the next hour. Sorry it took so long.
Backup of systems today.
Posted by Joey on 4/19/2015 @ 4:53 PM EDT
We will perform a backup of our systems JDR will be down during this time. We will give a update when the system is back online.

All systems back online now.
JDR down time.
Posted by Joey on 4/17/2015 @ 6:45 PM EDT
JDR will be down for a few minutes until we install new power pack in the server. We will be back online as soon as possible.
Music skipping issue being worked on.
Posted by Joey on 4/15/2015 @ 4:40 PM EDT
We have noticed a bug we are trying to figure out from last install. JDR will be down later on tonight. We will resolve the issue as fast as we can so JDR can be up and running.

Update 4/16/15:
The skipping problem has been fixed and all streams are back online as of 3:00 PM EDT. Please report any problems to the administrator.

Joey's Dance Radio Back Online
Posted by Rick on 4/14/2015 @ 9:48 PM EDT
Joey's Dance Radio is back online and should be working normally. Please report any problems to the Administrator.
Power failure.
Posted by Joey on 4/14/2015 @ 4:10 PM EDT
JDR server had a power failure this morning. We are work hard to get this resolved as we speak. Things will be back up and running in a few hours. Hopefully sooner than later.

(UPDATE) We are getting services back online. We are replacing the power pack that failed in our server. Right now JDR will be back online and playing music very soon. Please note to this update the server will be down longer than expected. We are installing the sound quality software for the audio.
JDR will be down for maintenance.
Posted by Joey on 4/9/2015 @ 8:17 PM EDT
We are putting a upgrade to one of our servers today. Will be down at 9 PM or before and will be down for about 15 to 20 minutes all services will resume after the maintenance.
Outage resolved
Posted by Joey on 4/4/2015 @ 9:50 AM EDT
The outage has been resolved. All services are back online now.
Outage 7:26 AM
Posted by Joey on 4/4/2015 @ 7:28 AM EDT
There is a outage at the moment we are working on it. There is no reason for the outage. We will have it back up and running soon. My admin is not in the office at the moment. Please stay tuned for an update when JDR will resume.
Posted by Joey on 4/4/2015 @ 7:18 AM EDT
Please send me a email if you cannot connect. I noticed in the logs some people are not able to connect. Please send me or the administrator a email to resolve this issue. I cannot figure out why it is doing it. Please email me or the administrator. D.J. JC
Posted by Rick on 3/14/2015 @ 10:45 PM EDT
Just finished the upgrade (read switching) of our broadcasting software and we are loving it! There will probably be a few glitches over the next couple of days as we tweak some settings but other than that JDR should have a much higher up time from now on. Thanks for you loyalty and patients during this time.

Team JDR

P.S. Our software guy Rick will be posting about upcoming features and enhancements to our website and D.J. Joey will be outlining some of the cool new shows he has in mind in separate posts sometime in the next couple of weeks. be sure to watch for it!
New station. New broadcasting system.
Posted by Joey on 3/14/2015 @ 5:35 PM EDT
We changed the station name it is now Hit JDR. We play your favorite Club/Dance/Remix songs. New broadcasting system coming up in a few minutes. Making last minute changes. D.J. JC
Down time 9 AM EST.
Posted by Joey on 3/14/2015 @ 2:06 AM EDT
JDR will be down for 2 to 4 hours on Saturday. We will return. Please stay tuned. D.J. JC
New broadcast system works perfect.
Posted by Joey on 3/12/2015 @ 10:25 PM EDT
We have decided to do a upgrade soon. The broadcaster test have passed our tests. Our tests are very heavy and it passed. We will welcome our new broadcasting system very soon.D.J. JC
JDR new broadcast system coming very soon.
Posted by Joey on 3/9/2015 @ 3:20 AM EDT
We are testing as we speak a new broadcast system. We are replacing our old one. This will take some time and to work out any bugs it has. The new broadcaster is more powerful and has lots of exciting features our old one does not have. Stay tuned for more updates. D.J. JC
90's Flashback tonight @ 7:15PM EST.
Posted by Joey on 3/1/2015 @ 6:57 PM EST
Tune in for the 90's Flashback tonight @ 7:15PM EST.
In memory of Leonard Nimoy.
Posted by Joey on 2/28/2015 @ 6:46 PM EST
JDR is a huge Star Trek fan. We liked MR. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) We want to thank him for the acting he did in Star Trek. Take care Leonard the world will miss you. Live Long and Prosper from JDR. #LLAP
JC Dance Party Discontinued.
Posted by Joey on 2/4/2015 @ 11:56 PM EST
The station JC Dance Party has been discontinued. If you like the new station name let us know. If you think before we settle on it and make it final got any ideas let us know. Contact us using out contact us form and send your ideas. DJ JC
Posted by Rick on 2/3/2015 @ 4:48 AM EST
Hoping to have JDR back up later this evening. Thanks for your patients.

Team JDR

Upgrades continue.
Posted by Joey on 2/2/2015 @ 7:02 AM EST
Through out the month of February we will be doing multiple upgrades to give better audio quality and less downtime. In this time systems will go offline at times. Please know we are working hard to get this done. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.
System down time.
Posted by Joey on 1/26/2015 @ 10:02 PM EST
The system will be down starting in 2 minutes. Will return about 10:45 PM EST. DJ JC UPDATE: The systems are back online.
For requests.
Posted by Joey on 1/26/2015 @ 5:36 PM EST
Contact me directly for requests. In the contact us form drop down the menu and it says Joey the D.J. that is me. Send me The artist and title of the remix/dance mix/club mix you want to hear. D.J. JC
Please contact us if you cannot connect.
Posted by Joey on 1/25/2015 @ 8:43 PM EST
Please if you cannot connect contact us. We will look into the issue and resolve it as soon as we can. DJ JC
New Club Hits Added!
Posted by Joey on 1/4/2015 @ 5:06 PM EST
JDR has added new Club Hits to rock your asses off! DJ JC
The like button works again.
Posted by Joey on 1/4/2015 @ 7:55 AM EST
I had to move accounts so the like button removed the old likes. I had to start over. Just hit like if you like the station. DJ JC
Fixed a issue with email contacting me the DJ.
Posted by Joey on 1/3/2015 @ 6:12 AM EST
I had to fix a issue with contacting me. Emails were not being sent to me. They will be sent to me directly. DJ JC
Happy New Year
Posted by Rick on 1/1/2015 @ 5:39 AM EST
Happy Hew Year from all of us at Joey's Dance Radio.
JDR Top 100 Club Hits today @ 3:42PM.
Posted by Joey on 12/31/2014 @ 2:59 PM EST
Join us for the JDR Top Club Hits Count Down. Today @ 3:42PM EST.
JDR New Years Eve Top 100 Club Count Down December 31.
Posted by Joey on 12/25/2014 @ 6:24 PM EST
Join us December 31 for the JDR New Years Eve Top 100 Club Count Down! DJ JC
Merry Christmas
Posted by Rick on 12/25/2014 @ 2:29 AM EST
Merry Christmas from all of us at Joey's Dance Radio.
Issues from last night.
Posted by Joey on 12/23/2014 @ 2:47 PM EST
There was a audio issue from last night. We have corrected it now. Please write us if you find anymore. DJ JC
All systems back online.
Posted by Joey on 12/20/2014 @ 3:32 PM EST
All DJ systems are back online. If you have a issues please send us a email. DJ JC
Posted by Joey on 12/19/2014 @ 2:46 AM EST
There is a outage in JDR. This will be resolved by 12am Saturday morning. DJ JC
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!!!
Posted by Rick on 12/9/2014 @ 9:07 PM EST

I just fixed the Contact Us page and while I was at it I have made some changes and upgrades that I hope will make the website faster and more secure. If you find any more bugs that are not listed under known issues below email me the details and I will try to squash them as quickly as possible.

Known Issues
1: Some album art pictures do not display in the sidebar widget and in the player.
2: "" not working (e.g. the reason I said to email me bug reports).
3: Some older browsers and Safari on Windows will not load the website or will not display the website correctly. This one is not really a bug since the browsers that will not work are either no longer supported by us or not recommended. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of your favorite browser. Recommended browsers are the latest version Chrome, Firefox or Opera and IE 9+. The latest version of Safari browser and IE 8 will work but are not recommended. IE <8 will not work.

We appreciate your patience while we have been trying and continue to debug the the new features and hope that you will continue to count on Joey's Dance Radio to bring you all the best Dance Tracks from around the world.

Team JDR
Contact Us page is now working.
Posted by Rick on 12/9/2014 @ 8:47 PM EST
The Contact Us page is now working.
Contact not workin.
Posted by Joey on 12/8/2014 @ 6:45 AM EST
The contact us page is not working. We know about this issues and are working hard to get it up and running asap. DJ JC
Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted by Joey on 11/27/2014 @ 12:55 AM GMT -05:00
Happy Thanksgiving from Joey’s Dance Radio.
Issues with service.
Posted by Joey on 11/8/2014 @ 12:22 AM EST
Joey's Dance Radio is updating some setting for a skipping issue we have. We have resolved the issue at the moment. DJ JC
Happy Birthday DJ Joey!
Posted by Rick on 11/8/2014 @ 12:04 AM EST
Today is DJ Joey's birthday. Be sure to tweet him your birthday wishes @ or message him on facebook @ or right here @!
Stream title.
Posted by Joey on 11/4/2014 @ 6:25 PM EST
Windows Media Player no longer support stream titles. This is cause the icy support in shout cast new server has disabled this and been removed. This CANNOT be re-enabled. You must use a v2 player that supports the v2 shout cast server. If your player does not support it you must use one to display titles now. DJ JC
Services back online.
Posted by Joey on 11/1/2014 @ 4:20 PM EDT
We are now finishing up the rest of the upgrade as we speak. We will resume JDR in about 15 minutes. DJ JC
Down time Continued.
Posted by Joey on 11/1/2014 @ 3:03 AM EDT
The upgrades are still ongoing. The station will return tomorrow evening. We are updating the systems and will bring on service back online at a time. The upgrade will hopefully fix some issues with sound quality. JDR will be down for tonight til tomorrow evening. We are sorry about this down time. DJ JC
Flashback Cafe
Posted by Joey on 10/24/2014 @ 8:48 PM EDT
Saturday night is flashback café. Saturday @ 9PM EST.
Emergency Maintenance
Posted by Rick on 10/13/2014 @ 10:57 PM EDT
We will be performing emergency maintenance between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM on 10/14/14 The website and the streams will not be available during this time. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Team JDR
JC's Top10 Canceled.
Posted by Joey on 10/8/2014 @ 11:49 AM EDT
The JC's Top10 Club Hits Count Down has been canceled indefinitely. No other info is available at this time. DJ JC
Posted by Joey on 10/5/2014 @ 4:54 AM EDT
JDR is upgrading its servers. You will have some interruptions at times. Please be patient. The upgrade fixes stuttering in main system.
Canceled Events
Posted by Joey on 10/3/2014 @ 12:08 AM EDT
JC's Top Ten Club Hits' this week was canceled. Due to health issues. I will rerun last week show. DJ JC
Posted by Joey on 9/30/2014 @ 10:37 PM EDT
JDR reported a outage this morning. Server was down for 15 minutes. There also been a outage on connecting to my servers it was rejecting connections. We have fixed this issue. Please try to reconnect. DJ JC
Posted by Joey on 9/24/2014 @ 8:19 PM EDT
Hey everyone JDR is now wanting input for the new website that is in the makes as we speak! We want to know what you want to be in it and what you want to see. The site has taken a while cause there is more stuff coming to it and more features. Tweet me on what you want @joeysdanceradio.